Applications for Magnetic Particle Clutches

Placid Industries is a leader in manufacturing the smoothest operating magnetic particle clutches available. Their unique design offers users the ability to control tension by adjusting the provided current. To assist with this function, Placid Industries supplies its customers with constant current power supplies manufactured specifically for magnetic particle brakes and clutches, as well as…
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How To Choose the Right Magnetic Particle Clutch

Clutches are vital components in many machines, enabling the engagement and disengagement of power transmission between rotating shafts. In applications requiring tensioning, resistance, or testing, clutches primarily focus on controlling force and allowing the accurate execution of tasks. With a well-selected clutch, the machine can operate at optimal efficiency and productivity, resulting in better product…
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Everything You Need To Know About Torque Control

Accurate and efficient machinery operation hinges on proper torque control. Failure to control this rotational force can lead to slack and winding issues, damaging equipment and impairing precise placement. On the other hand, effective torque control ensures smooth operation, avoiding entanglement and preserving optimal performance. This article will discuss the fundamentals of torque control by…
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Hysteresis Brakes

How To Size Hysteresis Brakes

A hysteresis brake is a specialized device that utilizes magnetic fields to transfer torque from one shaft to another. The coil produces a magnetic field while the primary pole structure directs and concentrates the magnetic field. The rotating hysteresis drag cup is connected to the output shaft which is supported by ball bearings. The primary…
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Wire and Cable Applications

Tensioning with Magnetic Particle Brakes & Clutches

How to build precise unwinding/rewinding systems using simple, easy to use technology. Magnetic particle brakes can provide an adjustable braking tension for unwinding film, wire or any web.  Magnetic particle clutches can provide an adjustable tension for rewinding the same.  Simple, effective tensioning systems can easily be built when each are teamed with a D.C.…
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Placid Industries eBook - Magnetic Particle vs Hysteresis Brakes

Placid Industries eBook – Magnetic Particle vs Hysteresis Brakes

Which is better for your application – Magnetic Particle or Hysteresis Brakes? This eBook from Placid Industries will explore the characteristics of each brake technology and give application examples showing where each may or may not work the best. The best choice for you depends on the details of your application and often either type…
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