Applications for Magnetic Particle Clutches

Placid Industries is a leader in manufacturing the smoothest operating magnetic particle clutches available. Their unique design offers users the ability to control tension by adjusting the provided current. To assist with this function, Placid Industries supplies its customers with constant current power supplies manufactured specifically for magnetic particle brakes and clutches, as well as hysteresis brakes. Placid Industries also supplies potentiometers and ultrasonic sensors to assist with precise tension control.

Placid Industries’ magnetic particle clutches are trusted by industry leaders who require the most precise motion control available. Some of the common applications these magnetic particle clutches are used in include bottle capping, rewinding, feedback control in flight applications, and testing of motors and power tools. Want to understand more about how Placid Industries’ magnetic particle clutches are used in these applications? Learn more below.

Bottle Capping

Bottle capping is an application that requires precise motion control to prevent loss of product, damage to assembly/manufacturing lines, and damage to quality if the bottle is not capped properly. Therefore, utilizing a trustworthy and consistent motion control solution is vital. Placid Industries magnetic particle clutches are used to provide adequate tension to bottle capping machinery. The clutch will provide adequate torque for proper sealing.


One of the most common applications for magnetic particle clutches, rewinding is a necessary operation for many manufacturers – particularly those in industries such as wire and cable manufacturing, thin film manufacturing, optical wire manufacturing, etc. Magnetic particle clutches are used in conjunction with a follower arm potentiometer or an ultrasonic sensor to provide constant and precise tension control. Typically, the magnetic particle clutch will be mounted to the rewind spool.

Feedback Control

A more unique application for magnetic particle clutches is to provide feedback control for pilots using a joystick-style steering device. This type of steering control is prevalent in aircraft like helicopters. Magnetic particle clutches are used to provide the resistance of the joystick when it is moved from its resting position. As the pilot moves the joystick to enter a turn, there is feedback to inform the pilot they are indeed steering the aircraft away from its stable flight position. This helps to prevent unintentional motion of the aircraft and improves the safety of the passengers. The magnetic particle clutch is mounted in the actuator.

Testing Motors and Power Tools

Another very common application for magnetic particle clutches is to test motors and power tools. In this application, the magnetic particle clutch would be used to provide various levels of resistance to the motor or power tool. This, in turn, will test the limits of these devices. In these types of applications, the magnetic particle clutch would be mounted to the Device Under Testing (DVT).

As you can see, magnetic particle clutches offer a wide range of solutions for a multitude of applications. Looking for a solution to your motion control application? Need help identifying if a magnetic particle clutch is right for your application?

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