Hysteresis Brakes

Hysteresis Brakes

Torque is proportional to input current, and independent of RPM. Torque is especially smooth, even at near-zero RPM. Also good for light tension / high RPM applications, due to good heat dissipation ratings. All models except H3 have the Cog-Buster which keeps slip torque smooth.

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  • Producing tension for unwinding wire, fiber optic cable, and narrow webs.
  • Load simulation for testing electric motors.
  • Applications requiring light tension / wide RPM capability.
  • Is proportional to input current.
  • Is independent of RPM.
  • Is especially smooth, even at near-zero RPM.
  • Imperial Unit – Torque Range: 0.04 -2.5 to 7-250 (oz-in)
  • Metric Unit  – Torque Range: 0.03-1.77 to 4.3-177 (Newton-cm)

Torque Curve

  • Torque is produced without friction plates or magnetic particles.  Life is extremely long, even at high RPM, because torque is produced magnetically across an air gap.
  • Slip torque is extremely smooth, even down to zero RPM.  Placid Industries' Cog-Buster automatically de-cogs the brake within one revolution of the shaft.
  • With no electrical excitation, the shaft freely rotates.
  • With electrical excitation, the shaft becomes coupled to the case.
  • While the load torque is less than the output torque, the shaft won’t rotate continuously.
  • When the load torque is increased, the brake will slip smoothly at the torque level set by the coil input current.
  • Not suitable for precise positioning applications
Hysteresis Brakes

Mounts in any orientation.

Mounting Option - Mount Any Orientation

Datasheet Key

Regarding Shaft Styles:

1 = Solid Shaft Out 1 Side (Bearing Side) Only

2 = Solid Shaft Out 2 (Both) Sides

3 = Solid Shaft Out Cover Side Only

View in metric

Hysteresis Brakes - up to 250 oz.-in. (1.77 Nm)

ModelTorque RangeInput Electric Power
Shaft Inertia
Slip Heat Dissipation
Cover On (watts)
Slip Heat Dissipation
Cover Off (watts)
Max Overhung Load
Maximum RPMWeight
Shaft Style(s)
H30.04 - 2.5 oz.-in.2.53.8 x 10-6-5110,0000.231, 2, 3Details
H110.3 to 11 oz.-in.236 x 10-691549,0000.71, 2, 3Details
H350.6 to 35 oz.-in.692 x 10-6152558,00021, 2, 3Details
H853 to 85 oz.-in.5560 x 10-63560406,0004.51, 2, 3Details
H1404 to 140 oz.-in.7970 x 10-64575405,00061, 2, 3Details
H2506 to 250 oz.-in.7290 x 10-565110505,00091, 2, 3Details

See data sheet for heat dissipation info.
Mounting holes - Standard: Imperial (inch), Optional: Metric