Tension Brake – Precise Control With Hysteresis Brakes


Achieving precise tension control is crucial across a wide range of applications. Plaid Industries’ hysteresis brakes provide superior tension control for applications such as narrow web handling, wire and cable manufacturing, electric motor testing, and more. A Placid Industries tension brake ensures smooth operation, minimizes material waste, and enhances overall productivity.

Unlike traditional brakes, hysteresis brakes use magnetic forces without physical contact between components. By leveraging this hysteresis effect, they generate a resistive torque that allows for accurate adjustment and maintenance of desired tension levels.

This article will explore the benefits of utilizing hysteresis brakes for achieving precise tension control across a range of applications.

Tension Brake Benefits – Hysteresis Brakes for Precise Control

Hysteresis brakes offer several unique advantages over other types of brake technology. Here are some of the key advantages:

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Hysteresis brakes do not rely on mechanical contact, eliminating friction wear concerns. As a result, they require minimal maintenance and offer long-term reliability. This feature reduces downtime and maintenance costs, contributing to overall cost savings.

Silent and Vibration-Free Operation

This characteristic is advantageous in applications where noise and vibration can negatively impact product quality or the working environment. For instance, the quietness of electromagnetic brakes enhances operator comfort and reduces noise pollution in the workplace. Placid Industries even utilizes a “Cog-Buster” device for hysteresis brake sizes H11 and larger. This device stops cogging (pulsating output torque) within one revolution of the shaft/drag cup assembly, improving the function of these products even further. Learn more about this device here.

Wide RPM Range

The wide RPM range of a hysteresis brake allows precise control over both high and low RPM requirements, making it an ideal choice for industries with diverse operational needs. This adaptability ensures consistent and efficient tension control across a wide spectrum of processes. Placid Industries hysteresis brakes are chatter and “slip-stick” free, making their operation very smooth, even at very low operating speeds.

Compact and Lightweight Design

Hysteresis brakes are often designed with compact and lightweight structures, making them easy to install and integrate into existing systems. In addition, their small footprint allows for space-saving installation.

Tension Brake Applications – Hysteresis Brakes

Given the functionality and benefits of using hysteresis brakes listed above, it is clear that these brakes provide precise tension control for a variety of applications across a wide range of industries. Some of these applications include:

Web Handling

These brakes find extensive use in web-handling applications, such as printing presses, laminating machines, and specialty converting equipment. A tension brake provides accurate control during continuous material processing, minimizing material waste and enhancing production efficiency.

Wire and Cable Manufacturing

Maintaining proper tension in the wire and cable industry is critical to ensure product quality and avoid wire breakage. Tension brake designs like Hysteresis brakes offer accurate and reliable control, facilitating smooth wire drawing, insulation coating, and cable winding processes.

Electric Motor Testing

Hysteresis brakes provide precise and adjustable resistance, allowing engineers to simulate different load conditions on motors during testing. This level of control aids in evaluating motor performance and durability across various operating scenarios, ensuring that electric motors meet the required standards.

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