Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes for Your OEM Application

Placid Industries offers a wide range of solutions to fit any project need. If you don’t find a clutch or brake model to meet your specific application requirements, please CONTACT US. We have commercial off-the-shelf clutches and brakes available to ship same day!

Magnetic Particle Brakes

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Magnetic Particle Brakes

Hysteresis Brakes

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Hysteresis Brakes

Magnetic Particle Clutches

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Magnetic Particle Clutches

Constant Current Power Supplies

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Power Supplies

Follow Arm Potentiometers

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Ultrasonic sensor

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Ultrasonic Sensor

Building Quality Solutions in the USA Since 1973

Placid Industries was founded in Lake Placid, NY in 1973, and has since earned a reputation throughout the USA, Europe & Asia for manufacturing innovative, precision brakes & clutches for torque and tension control. The tradition of quality continues since becoming part of SEPAC Inc. and relocating to Elmira, NY. Placid Industries can provide power supplies, follower arm potentiometers, and ultrasonic sensors for building complete constant-tension winding systems.