Enclosed Power Supply  -  For large brakes & clutches

Control output current via:  Remote potentiometer,  0-5v,  0-10v or 4-20mA signal  (select via jumper)
Output:  0 - 24 Volts DC.;    2,  3, or 4  Amperes.
AC Input Voltage:  110 or 220,   50/60 Hz.

PST terminals Photo
Connections: AC input, ground (Earth), clutch (or brake), 0-5v output signal.
Control inputs: remote potentiometer (included) or control voltage or current.

Jumpers: (to right of terminal strip) select control method.  Jumper photo
  PST front Photo
Overall dimensions: 8.5" x 4.5" x 2"   Drawing

PST 10 turn pot Photo     Optional:

10 turn, 5KΩ potentiometer  (p/n PST-P10)

Scale dial  (p/n PST-D)

Part numbers
AC Input
Output Current  (Amperes)
2 3 4
 110   PST2-24-110  PST3-24-110  PST4-24-110
 220     PST2-24-220       PST3-24-220       PST4-24-220   

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