Open Power Supply

Open Power Supply Drawing

A. INPUT CONNECTOR - A.C. mains input
B. GROUND LUG - Connect to ground (earth)
C. OUTPUT CONNECTOR - for brakes & clutches, 0-10 volt input, % Rated Current Potentiometer
D. OUTPUT FUSE - 2 amp, 5 x 20 mm
E. REMOTE CONNECTOR - for a 'Remote Span Max. Potentiometer' (for tension adjustments when using the Follower Arm Potentiometer).
F. AMMETER CONNECTOR - for L.C.D. ammeter. ---On model PS-M only.---

1. 12 OR 24 VOLT SELECTOR SWITCH - Slide the switch towards 12 when using a 12 volt brake or clutch.
Slide towards 24 when using a 24 volt unit.
2. SWITCH - To select the method of controlling the output current:
---Position (1) The percent Rated Current Potentiometer. ---Position (2) The 0-10 volt D.C. Input signal.
3. REMOTE SWITCH - to select the 'On-board Span Max. Potentiometer' or a 'Remote Span Max. Potentiometer'
4. SPAN MAX. - potentiometer, sets the 100 percent output current.
5. SPAN MIN. - potentiometer, sets the zero output current.

Mounting hole spacing = 6.96 x 2.92, #6-32

L.C.D. Ammeter Drawing
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