Magnetic Particle Clutch  PHC-100,   hollow shaft

Torque range...... 1 - 65  lb.-feet,    (12 - 780 lb.-in.)
Part number........ PHC-100          Can be used as a clutch or a brake.

phc-100 photo   clutch phc-100 photo   clutch phc-100 photo

PHC-100 photo   Clutch PHC-100 photo

Red - ELECTRICAL CONNECTION.     Hold stationary by 2 slotted tabs.
Purple - INPUT SHAFT (& finned body)
        To use as a clutch:  Rotates. Drive with a motor.
        To use as a brake:  Hold stationary.
Green - HOLLOW OUTPUT SHAFT.     Rotates independently from input shaft.
Couples to input shaft with electrical excitation.

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