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Follower Arm Potentiometers

MAINTAIN CONSTANT TENSION - The follower arm potentiometer is used to maintain constant tension when using a brake for producing unwind (payout) tension, or when using a clutch for rewind tension.

Miniature model
for rolls up to 6" diameter
Aluminum cased model
for 4" dia. & larger rolls
Follower photo

Unwind Follower Drawing

The arm rides on the roll, measuring the roll diameter. As the roll size decreases, the arm moves downward, rotating the potentiometer shaft. The power supply current automatically decreases, which decreases the brake (or clutch) torque to maintain constant tension.

Follower Arm Potentiometer
Follower Drawing
Part Number :  F-12-6,      (12 inch arm,   6 foot cable)
Download drawing in PDF format

Mini-Follower Arm Potentiometer
Mini-Follower Drawing
Part Number :  FM-4-2,      (4 inch arm,   2 foot cable)
Download drawing in PDF format

 (Aluminum Case) 
Resistance 500 ohm
Electrical Angle 65 degrees
Mechanical Angle 360 degrees  (No stops)
Drag Torque 4 oz.-in. 1 oz.-in.
Overhung Load 20 lbs. 2 lbs.
Download set-up
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Connects to PS, PS-M, PS-MC Placid Industries power supplies.

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