Flexible Couplings

  -  For large series brakes & clutches

Coupling System Drawing When a brake or clutch is foot mounted, and connected to a fully supported shaft, a flexible coupling must be used.

Since perfect shaft alignment is impossible, flexible couplings are needed to protect the bearings from destructive side loads.

Coupling photo We recommend:
Zero-Max brand 'CD Double Flex Steel' couplings.

High torsional stiffness and tolerance for misalignment makes these a better choice than jaw-type designs.

3 Piece Design
2 hubs and 1 disk.
Choose 1 hub to fit the brake or clutch shaft, choose the 2nd. hub to fit your shaft diameter.

Flexible Couplings - Clamp style, with keyway
Part Number
Max. Customer Shaft Diameter
inches mm
KB-2.5,  KC-2.5 20 6P 26 C 0.93 24
KB-5,   KC-5 25 6P 30 C 1.12 28
POB-100F,  POC-100F 30 6P 37 C 1.50 38
POB-200F,  POC-200F 35 6P 45 C 1.62 42
POB-400F,  POC-400F 45 6P 60 C 2.37 60

Please visit Zero-Max's web site for compete details.
Order couplings from Zero-Max or their distributors only. We do not sell these.

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