Placid Industries - - Magnetic Particle Clutches, up to 15 Newton-meters torque.

Magnetic Particle Clutch - Specifications

Larger clutches
up to
400 Newton-meters
  clutch photo
Torque range = 0-22  to 1500 newton-cm.

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7 solid shaft clutches
Clutch photo
    Typical applications:
  • Adjustable tension for rewinding webs
  • Load simulation
  • Torque limiting
  • Soft starts
The cross-section drawing shows how clutches work.
   1 hollow shaft clutch
Hollow clutch photo
Mount in any orientation.
See mounting recommendations.
Left to right - Models C5, C130, C2   Model CC14-H

Torque Curve Torque is -
  • Proportional to input current
  • Independent of RPM

Characteristics - With no electrical excitation, the input shaft & output shaft freely rotate.
With electrical excitation, the output shaft becomes coupled to the input shaft.

While the load torque is less than the output torque, the clutch drives without slip. When the load torque is increased, the clutch will slip smoothly at the torque level set by the coil input current.

Use the sizing information to select the proper clutch.

Clutch Specifications, Metric

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Slip Heat



Data Sheets

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C2D-M 0.07 - 3.5 3 2 18 2000 0.3 C2D-M data sheet PDF DXF
C2-M 0.7 - 22 6 C2-M data sheet PDF DXF
C5-M 2 - 56 5 10 90 1.4  C5-M data sheet  PDF DXF
CC14-HM   4.5 - 158 5 20 150 1400 1.6  CC14-M data sheet   PDF   DXF 
C15-M 4.5 - 170 6 2.3 C15-M data sheet PDF DXF
C35-M 11 - 395 10 30 220 1000 4 C35-M data sheet PDF DXF
C70-M 23 - 800 14 50 350 8 C70-M data sheet PDF DXF
C130-M  45 - 1500  15 80 10 C130-M data sheet PDF DXF
graphic  Larger clutches, up to 400 Newton-meters torque, available.  graphic

Mounting holes - Standard: Imperial (inch),    Optional: Metric
CC14: Mounting holes are untapped through holes.  Input shaft: metric only.

Voltage: Available in 6, 12, 24, & 90 volts D.C.
The Clutch Coil Specifications Chart shows rated current & coil resistance.

US Flag   Clutches C2 through C130
are made in Lake Placid, NY, USA

Power Supply Photo   

Compatible Power Supplies  -  PS Series

   Open Power Supply Photo
Control output current with a potentiometer (knob) or a 0-10 volt signal (from your computer or PLC).

The Placid Industries follower arm potentiometer or ultrasonic sensor connects to the power supplies to make a constant tension unwinding / rewinding system.

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