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Motor Testing

Magnetic particle brakes & clutches can load stepper motors and gear motors under test. Test motor performance such as stall torque, torque vs. speed, and acceleration. Hysteresis brakes can withstand high RPM for testing induction motors.

De-energized drag torque is very low (3 percent of rated torque) - for testing over a wide range with one size brake or clutch.

<---- Motor Test Example

The gear motor (lower right) drives the clutch input shaft.
The clutch output shaft is held stationary by the torque arm connected to the scale.
The clutch slip torque (load applied to the motor) is changed by varying clutch input current from the D.C. power supply.

The torque applied to the motor is:
   Scale reading (4.5 lbs.)  X   Torque arm (1 foot)
        Torque =  4.5  lb.-feet.

A torque wrench or torque transducer may be used to measure torque, instead.

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